An Extreme Makeover

Infinity builds an IT Infrastructure solution that keeps a global leader in Extreme Data Performance on the cutting edge.

WHEN A GLOBAL LEADER in Extreme Data Performance Solutions, with over 12,000 deployments in 70 countries, needed to rethink their development platform, they turned to the experts at Infinity Systems Software to build a new IT infrastructure solution.

Technology breakthroughs expanded the company’s capabilities and offerings, but placed increasing demands on their development team. Their existing environment was cumbersome for developers and not conducive to collaboration — detriments to the very innovation that was fueling the company’s growth.

Infinity Systems Software specializes in architecting technology solutions designed to meet each client’s unique requirements. For each engagement, we draw from our team of experienced Consultants, IT Architects, Software, Services and Infrastructure Specialists to assemble the optimal team to provide a complete solution. Our partnerships with industry leaders such as IBM, Cisco, Suse, and Red Hat, give us access to the most advanced technology available.

After assessing this client’s requirements, growth expectations, and challenges posed by their current environment, Infinity Systems Software put our mainframe expertise to work. Both test and production environments were implemented on an IBM System Z mainframe running Linux on z/VM. Global Resource Serialization (GRS) was employed and as many operations as possible were automated.

The new solution provides a more robust platform for development, improving developer productivity and possibilities. Data sharing is facilitated within a highly secure environment, enabling effective collaboration. The automation of operations allows the company to better manage their data and the development process. And, with Infinity’s team managing the end-to-end process from solution design through implementation, the client’s focus was not distracted from their core business.

A company whose livelihood depends on technology excellence and innovation entrusted Infinity Systems Software to provide an infrastructure solution that would take them to the next level and position them for further growth. Learn how Infinity Systems Software can apply our technology expertise to the unique requirements of your business. Please contact us.