Server Consolidation with IBM Z

Server Consolidation with IBM Z can drastically improve arrests and make a city's streets safer for its citizens as well as its police officers.

That's what the police department and legislative branch of a major U.S. city learned firsthand.

The city had a complex distributed server environment running their arrest system. When the police attempted to access the arrest system, it was not always available and reliable, placing the officer in a precarious position during the hot pursuit of a perpetrator. The inefficiency of the distributed server environment was plagued with network and server outages and the department was under pressure to resolve the issues quickly.

Infinity Systems Software partnered with Vicom Infinity, IBM and a third party systems application developer to consolidate the servers onto the IBM Z mainframe under Linux on z/VM. Infinity's team of specialists designed, implemented, tested and readied the environment within the city's designated deadline.

The infrastructure included an IBM System Z processor with over 300+ Linux virtual servers connected with Hipersockets and vLAN’s running on z/VM and hosted in the single mainframe. This optimized infrastructure saved precious data center floor space, simplified management and reduced costs. The new IBM Z environment was able to accommodate the high availability requirements of the police department.

Now an officer can rely upon the arrest system to always be at their side instead of a thorn in their side.

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