At Infinity Systems Software, IT systems software expertise is a core competence.

WE CONSIDER EACH client's business objectives, functional requirements and legacy investments in developing, modernizing, or optimizing their software environment.

Infinity Software Specialists have deep technical skills in IBM operating systems, middleware, mainframe, and distributed software. We're proficient in today's strategic programming languages and in business imperatives such as Analytics, Collaboration, Information Management and Enterprise Content Management. Infinity has broad architectural knowledge and expertise in complex, multiproduct deployments across heterogeneous environments. We continually invest in our skills through training and certification programs to ensure that we're helping our clients exploit the latest technological advances to their competitive advantage.

Infinity offers a full range of software, solutions and services tailored to each client's specific needs. We also offer access to our skilled resources through customized support and staffing options. And, we can help you gain better control of your software assets and pinpoint potential savings by deciphering your software charges, usage and version fees.

We’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and challenges. Please contact us.